Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Letter to Stella

Dear Stella,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Where have the last two years gone?
It seems like just yesterday at this time (8:00 a.m.) we were checking into the hospital after Mommy went into labor around 3:30 in the morning.  What a long day that was.  Apparently you had decided to take your time entering this world, or didn't want to come at all, as you were a full week late (not that I blame you, with the state of the world today).  And then, to top things off, you waited over 20 HOURS to actually join us.  The first thing Daddy did was count those cute little fingers and toes, but the first thing he saw was that hair.  Oh my goodness, that hair!
The midwife was actually running her fingers through your hair before you were even fully born!  Mommy couldn't wait to get you out of the hospital just to put bows in your hair.  And that first night at the hospital was the worst.  It wasn't your fault, though, you slept through the night, except when the Sasquatch nurse came in and manhandled you through your first bath.  Boy was that scary!  Anyway, they put you under this incubator looking thing that was a heater to keep you warm.  It had a sensor (I guess a thermometer) attached to your body and some crazy loud alarm that went off every time Mommy and Daddy fell asleep.  When we asked about it at the nurses' station, they just told us how to turn it off whenever it sounded.  Somehow, you managed to sleep through it every time.  I don't understand why there wasn't a way to disable the stupid alarm.  So, anyway, they moved us to another room in the morning, where we all spent the day watching TV and sleeping.  After having a few visitors that Tuesday, we spent another night in the hospital and were free to come home.

Once home, we couldn't get you to sleep unless you had music and a vibrating bed.  Of course at night we had to feed you about every two hours.  That was Daddy's job.  Since you had a hard time latching on, Mommy would spend that time pumping so that you would have plenty of milk to drink.  And plenty didn't even begin to describe the amount of milk we had for you.  That freezer in the garage?  Yeah, that was filled on one side to the top with bags of frozen milk.  Days and nights ran together, we couldn't tell up from down. But those were the best days, because we were so happy to finally have you in our world.  The last two years have flown by with milestone after milestone: rolling over, sitting up, hands and knees, crawling, standing cruising, walking.  I could go on and on.  Daddy was lucky that most of those things happened when he wasn't at work, but Mommy was luckier, she got to be here for everything, taking pictures and sending them to Daddy at work.

Now you're growing up so fast, learning new things every day.  Mommy and Daddy have been blessed to have you in our lives.  You're not the average child, Munchie.  You've got a personality bigger than the sky that can bring out a smile in even the grumpiest of people.  And we see it emerge more and more every day.  From being our little Diva with your sunglasses, to being a little grump who doesn't want to sleep.  You even steal Mommy's over-sized sunglasses and put them on, making you that much cuter.  And your hair again!  I don't know if there is another 2 year old out there with hair as long as your's.  I can't be sure, but I don't think Mommy should be able to braid your hair at this age.  You haven't met a puppy or kitty you don't like, and the cutest thing you've ever said is "See ya!" with a wave of your hand.  You've come so far in a mere two years and we know that so much more is to come.  You are our little princess.
You are a VERY special little girl, Stella, don't ever forget that.  You are the most wonderful things that has ever happened in Mommy and Daddy's lives.  My goal is to post this at 11:51 p.m. on your birthday, March 30.  This is a significant time because Mommy wanted so badly for you to be born on her Pap-Pap's birthday.  And you made the cut with just minutes to spare.  You are a dream come true, Baby.  You WILL do great things.  I'm sorry that today was not the best day and I hope that tomorrow you feel better.  Get some rest, Sweetheart, we're going to see Princesses!

Love you,

Mommy & Daddy

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