Friday, April 15, 2011

Cloth Diapering Update

So it has now been three weeks since we have started using cloth diapers and things are going great!  We even feel like it's easier to cloth diaper than to use disposables.  We've also noticed that our trash container is not as full as it used to be when we set it out at the curb each Thursday night.  Probably the nicest thing about cloth diapering is that there have been no nasty rashes since the switch was made.  Stella is a happy little girl and that makes Mommy and Daddy very happy as well.  We're saving money by not buying boxes of diapers constantly, PLUS we're doing our part to help protect the planet.  We've been doing TONS of research regarding what might be the best brand to use and have now purchased 3 separate brands that we use regularly.
Our original purchase was the gDiapers, which is a great Hybrid system that can be used with either the cloth inserts or a biodegradable/flushable disposable insert.  We tend to use the cloth while at home and the disposable while out and about.  They also come with a snap-in removable "plastic" liner.  We have had a few issues with these however: Velcro falling off, a snap "tag" coming loose, and a snap actually coming out of the liner.  gDiapers has been very accommodating by replacing these parts once we send them back.  Also, it seems that they are just a little tight on Stella's little legs.  She actually asked to have her diaper taken off tonight because it was bothering her.  So on to ebay they will go, if the baby is uncomfortable, we will be unhappy, and that's not cool.

We also purchased several diapers around the same time from GoGreen Pocket Diapers.  These diapers are fantastic for bed time.  We switch Stella out of whatever she might be wearing and into these when it is time to go to bed.  The GoGreens are exactly what the name implies.  At the back end of the diaper is an opening to place an insert.  They come with their own insert, and can be filled with any type of liner.  We typically use the disposable gDiaper insert for at night because, well, frankly, our kid could fill a swimming pool overnight.  When we have tried using the cloth inserts (two at a time), she still peed out of them and we had to change her sheet in the morning.  What's really nice about these is that the inside that touches her skin is very soft and the urine passes right through.  The outside layer is backed with a plastic-like coating to help protect against leaks.  They also feature a ton of snaps and will grow with your child from shortly after birth until they are potty trained.  The main reason we only use these at night is because they are basically a one-and-done cover as the poop and pee sit right against her skin, making it dirty right off the bat.

The third brand, and our favorite to this point, are the Flip Diapers.  These are basically a cross between the gDiapers and the GoGreens.  They are not a pocket diaper and they do not feature a liner (like the gDiapers) but the the material has the same coating as the GoGreens.  They also feature the same snaps as the GoGreens so they grow with your child.  Flips also accept pretty much any insert you throw at them.  We again use the cloth at home and disposables when out.

Cloth diapering at first is daunting and somewhat difficult to figure out (i.e.-which side of the insert goes up, how tight do you make them), but the switch is rewarding none-the-less.  We still have more brands we would like to try, but they will come in due time.  We actually just ordered a Monkey Doodlez cloth swim diaper from Baby Half Off and we should receive it fairly soon.  We are very excited to see this in action.  We have hit the ground running with the cloth diapering switch and will even be participating in The Great Cloth Diaper Change on Saturday, April 23, at Om Baby Pregnancy & Parenting Center in Camp Hill, PA.  Remember, if you are thinking of cloth diapering, do as much research as possible before making a decision on what brand to go with, there are more out there than you think.  And start with small quantities, remember, the covers can be re-used with new inserts.  Good luck, and happy cloth diapering!

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  1. I may have told you this before -- have you tried a microfiber insert for the pockets? I used fuzzibunz for overnight with my supersoaker. I used a microfiber/car towel wrapped around a FB insert. It worked great and was the best thing for us because we got the absorbency without any bulk. Pockets were my favorites too in the beginning, but then I fell in love with fitted and wool longies. I wanted to love gdiapers too, but just didn't in the end.